Hot Water Hazards : Plumbing


Water is a necessity for us humans and other living things to live and survive. Do you know that some of our waters nowadays which aren’t cleaned or properly filtered by any means of filtering procedures are quite hazardous to your health? Being able to know the risks of having this kind of waters will surely make you think twice of having water inside your home. Drinking water to water that you use for bath or shower every single day, you name it. Every substance that come into contact with human flesh can irritate your skin with the bacteria not being filtered properly. Taking into different kind of routes, when we’re talking about water used for a shower, we can assume that we can use three types of domestic water, the hot water, the cold water and the normal temperature of water or also known as tap water.

images5We should tackle first about the normal hot water system from most domestic homes. Researching about previous plumbing techniques, structural and equipment functions of hot water systems leads to the two hazardous systems that are scalding and thermal shock. When two of these systems are in use, it’s hard to have a secure protection for people exposed from these systems. Taking actions and knowing the risks of these systems will let you think twice of having an alternative. High risk and needing a high budget for each system, is it really worth it? Of its benefits, yes, but, in the long run, can be the opposite.

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